Monday, March 29, 2010


Wanna see a couple of collages? I told Mark that mine looked like a dick cumming a picture. Mark made fun of me.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sublime Frequencies.

New Omar Souleyman record out on Sublime Frequencies? Shit.

In case you walked past his last record and didn't acknowledge it.....

Some call it "Jihadi-techno". It's as good a description as any. His first album has been reissued on vinyl. Pick it up when you go to buy his new CD. AND while you are at it, get the new Group Doueh record.

Hits. It's all hits at sublime frequencies.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sugar Minott

I love this song, this record, and this artist. Sugar Minott is the shit. What I love most is the number of people on stage that don't play a single note.

Jah Bless

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holger Czukay - Canaxis

All you butt heads out there that think your pretty hip 'cause you know "Person Pitch" backwards and forwards are about to get your faces melted.

Holger Czukay is best know for his hot bass lines in CAN.

If you don't know CAN, get Ege Bamyasi and be done with it.


Canaxis (1968) at its base, is early sample work. Czukay is using tape loops to achieve what every Brooklyn band does now at the push of a button (or kick of a pedal). I find this to be most fascinating.

It's easy for me to get down on bands that use modern electronics at the core of their work. More often than not, looping now lacks the deliberate nature of albums like Canaxis. Leaving us instead with lazy loops. Loops that follow a prefixed notion of "ambience".

Canaxis must have been a pain in the ass to make. Cutting, splicing, sampling, and rarely getting the satisfaction of playing an actual "instrument", usually takes quite a toll on the emotive quality of the music. This record feels rad though. Its seething with energy.

The first track (there are only two on the original record), is called "Boat Woman Song". Is fucking incredible. As I said earlier, if you like Panda Bear, you can't help but draw a comparison. This song feels like a cross between "I'm Not" and and a Sublime Frequencies track. But alas, it was made in 1968. Eat it Panda Bear.

Get this, enjoy it.

P.S. -- It's definitely in stereo. If you don't like it, try headphones.

a BBQ, and I'm back.

I was enjoying the Memorial Day sun. I poured a bit of my Corona out on to the hot pavement and thought of my Grandpa(s) war stories. The crazy stories. People getting their heads chopped off, boxing matches, Gandhi, etc...

Andy approached me. He reminded me that I used to have a music blog.

"Oh yeah, I did."

So here I am. Hopefully I'll keep it up, but we'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sunset Park Tapes

Hey Kids! Just in case you haven't had the chance to go to Academy Records and purchase my new tape, here is the whole thing in MP3 format. Every little bit was recorded in Sunset Park. The artwork was done by the wonderful Daniel Douglas.

It would be best for the listening experience if you put it on a tape. But if not, it is still nice. It is in STEREO.

01 Rain Soup.mp3

02 JUICE.mp3

03 The Whitest Kids at High Times.mp3

04 House Music.mp3

05 Interlude.mp3

06 Reggaeton Upstairs.mp3

07 Lowery Expedition.mp3

08 Christmas in Pendleton.mp3

09 Mush Mouf.mp3



Life eh? After tour, I basically hid out with Jessie for several weeks, wrote something like six songs that I may never play again, and got a new outlook on life. Pretty sweet I guess.

Pendleton Rock and Roll Camp Part 3 is about to drop. That's right. Rock camp. Fuck "Rock" though, right? Let's get these kids doing tape loops and playing Kalimba's. Let's make our own Arkestra of Eastern Oregon youth.

Speaking of that, I visited Philly over the weekend with my friend Daniel as my guide. He showed me the newest record stores in town. "Live Evil" for 5 bucks? What?

Anyhow, I will return with new music tomorrow. I am busy now with other things.......................